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Magic Stars 3 is a 2018 space-aged slot from the guys at Wazdan. The game has a small 3×3 layout and 5 paylines you can win on during any spin.

This slot is a colourful trip into the cosmos. The game is one of the more simple slots available and is certainly suited to beginners as it’s quite easy to get the hang of the gameplay.

Wazdan has actually been quite brave by keeping this slot so very, very basic. It might come under some criticism from some quarters but, at the end of the day, many players just want a fun and easy-to-use game to pass the time.

You won’t just pass the time with Magic Stars, you’ll also have a nice return on your ‘investment’ if you play a patient game.


A cosmic, astral, outer space theme is exactly what you’re given in Magic Stars 3. The soundtrack is nice and actually reminded me of the theme music from the Netflix series, Stranger Things.

The vast universe provides the backdrop for the reels and allows you to lose yourself in space, just for a few hours at least. Nice, eh?!


The symbols in Wazdan’s Magic Stars slot are, basically, eh… stars. Different coloured stars adorn the reels with each one worth varying values to you when it comes to payouts.

The orange, blue and stars each pay 40x your bet when you land 3x on a payline. All other star symbols pay you 80x your stake.

The game has a 3×3 layout so each of the five paylines only needs 3x stars for a win because that’s how long a payline is – 3x symbols. It’s also worth noting that it’s possible to have more than one winning payline on a single spin.

The multi-coloured star symbol with the ‘Wild’ text in the middle is the game’s Wild symbol, meaning it can substitute for all other symbols on the reels. This gives great potential for you to trigger many more winning combinations.

Bet sizes

The Magic Stars 3 video slot from Wazdan has a minimum bet option of €0.10 per spin and a maximum limit of €100 per spin.

The game can have an adjusted-variance level and the RTP rate for Magic Stars 3 is 96.5%. Regarding adjusting the volatility level, simply click on ‘Volatility Level’ setting to the bottom right of the reels.

You can win a maximum payout of €4000 on Magic Stars slot 3. That’s based on playing with the maximum stake of €100 per spin.


Bonus features

The only in-game ‘feature’ present in Magic Stars is the Gamble option. This is pretty much the familiar Gamble option you will have encountered in many online video slots. After a winning spin, you will be given the opportunity to try double your winnings. However, it’s double or nothing so if you lose the Gamble, your winnings from the initial spin will be gone. Simply select the left option of the two that appear over the spin button, on the screen, after a winning spin. Then you’ll be asked to select either the left or right star to win the Gamble feature. You can continue playing as long as you keep winning, doubling your winnings all the way. But, be careful, don’t blow it all!

Being able to adjust the volatility setting to suit your own gameplay is another nice plus in Magic Stars 3. Choose between Low, Standard and High at any stage in normal gameplay on Magic Stars 3.

Some will be hoping that a Free Spins feature is added to any potential Magic Stars 4 video slot but, for now, this game suits many casino players as it is. Whether you’re new to playing at online casinos, or an experienced reel-spinner, you may well be thankful to have a basic 3×3 slot to while some time away.

If you approach this game in the right way, you’ll be happy. Magic Stars 3 is probably most suited to short, fun gaming sessions. Find the volatility setting that suits you early on and you’ll be on to a winner.

Finding Magic Stars 3

Be careful, as ever, when searching online for Magic Stars 3. It has been mistakenly referred to as other names in the online casino world in the past. Keep an eye out for incorrect variations.

Here are some possible versions of the name you may encounter when looking for this top slot.

  • Magic Starz 3
  • Magic Stars (with the number ‘3’ omitted)
  • Magik Starz
  • Magic Stares
  • Magic Sters

As usual, you can skip all that unnecessary nonsense by just playing the slot here and now at CasinoLuck! Click here to go straight to the full game!

In Summary – Magic Stars 3 slot play

Magic Stars 3 is some nice’n easy fun. You won’t get bogged down in game mechanics here. The gameplay isn’t going to leave you perplexed. Paylines are easy to monitor so you’ll know exactly what’s going on, pretty much all the time. There’s not many slots you can say that about in the online casino world.

While Magic Stars 3 doesn’t set the world alight in some reviews, the guys at Wazdan must have done something right. Why? Because since its release in 2018, Magic Stars 3 has been one of the most-played games at CasinoLuck. That’s no joke either. We continuously update our most-played lists and Magic Stars 3 has been a regular fixture thereon for the last year or 18 months.

The game lacks bonus features, yes. But there are some of you reading this simply rejoicing at the possibility of loading up a quick-action slot. You spin, you win, you gamble those winnings and you spin again.

If you are not already a CasinoLuck player, then join – it is easy. But make sure to check out this Promotion Section first, securing you a great welcome offer!