The epic Rise of Olympus slot machine from Play’n GO has a 5×5 layout. It’s a game themed around Greek mythology so it’s crammed full with Gods and the like!

Rise of Olympus video slot doesn’t land winning combinations on the traditional paylines – it is another great example of a ‘cluster pays’ slot. This means wins are derived when you get matching symbols in a group or cluster, all together.

The game was released in August 2018 so it is still a relative newcomer to the online casino world. The highest payout of 5000x your stake means that Rise of Olympus has already taken its place among CasinoLuck’s most-played video slots, despite its ‘young’ age.


Are you a fan of Greek mythology? Do Gods like Zeus, Hades and Poseidon grasp your attention? If your answer to either of those questions is yes, then Rise of Olympus is a slot that will definitely interest you. Don’t worry, if you couldn’t care less about Greek mythology, this game is still enough fun to spin the reels with and the wins are worthy of an adventure into the unknown!

This slot takes you up in the clouds, literally! The background to the reels is the blue, blue sky, as it appears above some of the fluffiest white clouds you will see. As you can gather from the description, it’s quite a relaxing environment you get to spin the reels in.

When it comes to graphics, Rise of Olympus is second-to-none. I mean, this game separates itself from the rest with its top-level visuals and animations.

You will always have one of the Greek Gods present to the right of the reels while you spin. The shade and theme of the reels will change based on whichever God is currently watching you play!

The soundtrack to Rise of Olympus consists of nice soothing string instruments (at least, I think they are!) while the game’s sound effects play every time you spin the reels. A winning combination arrives with a fittingly-dramatic sound and you can hear the coins chink, chink, chink away into your bank!


Rise of Olympus slot from Play’n GO delves deep into the world of Greek mythology and thus the symbols consist of the most memorable characters from such.

The changing background to the reels mentioned in the ‘Theme’ section shows when you are visiting one of the three various kingdoms in the game.

When Zeus is there, it’s Heaven you will be situated in. Hades’ presence means the red-hot fiery pits of hell await you (not a bad thing in this game, really, so don’t worry!). Poseidon brings you to the ocean, where he rules.

All three Gods will do their utmost to help you get winning combinations. Also, when you see them land as symbols on the reels, be very happy as they are the high-value symbols.

Other symbols include Zeus’ Lightning, Hades’ Helmet and Poseidon’s Trident. There is also a Harp symbol while the game’s Wild is the beautiful winged-horse, Pegasus. The Wild can substitute for all other symbols.

The clusters pay when three or more symbols are linked on the reels either vertically or horizontally. The cascading style of the slot means more symbols will drop down the reels to create even more winning possibilities for you. When this happens, the wild symbol appears in the middle location, and the win multiplier keeps increasing with every consecutive drop. This repeats itself until there are no more winning combinations, after which the multiplier will reset to x1.

Bet sizes

The Rise of Olympus slot from Play’n GO will take bets ranging from as little as €0.20 per spin all the way up to €100 per spin.

The game has an RTP rate of 94.51% and is a high-variance level slot.

Bonus features

The more winning combinations you land in Rise of Olympus, the more you fill the ‘Wrath of the Gods’ meter on the left of the reels. Keep your eyes on this measure at all times as when you fill it, it’s bonus feature time!

There are three different bonus features that can be triggered:

  • Hades: one set of symbols transforms into another
  • Poseidon: up to two extra wilds appear
  • Zeus: two sets of symbols are destroyed

If you manage to clear the reels of all symbols, Free Spins will be triggered in Rise of Olympus. In the Free Spins round, you choose from the following three options:

  • Hades: 4 initial free spins with the chance to recharge for 4 more
  • Poseidon: 5 initial free spins with the chance to recharge for 3 more
  • Zeus: 8 initial free spins with the chance to recharge for 2 more

Even more good news is that during the Free Spins, the multiplier meter continues to rise. It doesn’t reset before starting the Free Spins! You can grow it up to a multiplier of 20x at the most.

Finding Rise of Olympus

As with many three-word titles, the Rise of Olympus slot is prone to plenty of incorrect name variations in the online casino world. Whether it’s jittery fingers, translation issues or basic spelling errors, Rise of Olympus may appear under many different search queries.

Here are some possible versions of the name you may encounter when looking for this top slot.

  • Rise of Olimpus
  • Rize of Olympus
  • Rise of Olumpus
  • Rise of Olympys
  • Rises of Olympus
  • Rise of Olempes

As usual, you can skip all that unnecessary nonsense by just playing the slot here and now at CasinoLuck! Click here to go straight to the full game!

In Summary – Rise of Olympus slot

Rise of Olympus is another brilliant Play’n GO slot. The graphics are the best you’ll see in any game but the winnings potential is what should really attract you here. A possible take-away of up to 5000x your stake on a spin is not something to be sniffed at.

The slot also makes a nice change with its Cluster Pays setup. Sometimes, just sometimes, you might want a different scenario than the orthodox paylines you see in most slots. If you do, don’t bypass the Rise of Olympus slot.

May the Greek Gods of fortune smile down on you!

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