1. How do I deposit money to my casino account?

    The casino balance is separated from the main account to enable you to have an easy overview. Funds can be easily transferred between accounts by using the “Transfer” option found under “My Account” at any time.


  2. How fair are the games at your website?

    Rest assured that the algorithms used to generate results on our automated games are completely random. The different software we use in our casino are all certified random and approved by third party certification agencies.


  3. What happens if game play is interrupted in the middle of a game round?

    The stage of each game round is automatically stored in the system database. This ensures that the last game stage seen by the player is always restored when game play is resumed following an interruption due to system, internet or server failure, or due to problems on the customer’s side. Slots that were spinning during a disconnection will finish the round even if connection is lost.


  4. How many decks are there in the Blackjack game?

    4 and 6 decks are used in our Blackjack games.


  5. Where can I find detailed instructions to your games?

    EEach game contains a “Game Rules” tab which can be accessed at any time while playing.


  6. What are the average payouts for the website?

    The payouts vary from game to game and over time. However, in theory, payouts are in the range of 97%. The payout levels of the games are hard-coded and we do not adjust them.


  7. Can I try the games for free?

    Yes, you can play all games for free by choosing “Play for Fun”.


  8. Can I remove a bet after  placing it on the table?

    It may be possible to remove a bet before the game begins, however, once the game has started, it will not be possible to remove or change any bets.