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At CasinoLuck we believe in "CARE" - Customers Are Really Everything.
We recognize that our players really appreciate the ease of a no-download website and that's precisely why we built the CasinoLuck Website with no download requirements. We take great pride in providing the very finest online Flash Games available anywhere in the world. Our CasinoLuck Website offers many Scratch Card games, with the very highest quality graphics and sound effects, not to mention an ease of use that is second to none. If you have any technical problems please read our Technical Issues guidelines. For additional assistance please click on Contact Us.

1. Login problems:

  • Forgot your Password and/or Username.
  • Error messages "Username and Password not found".

2. Disconnection while playing.
3. System requirements for your computer.
4. About Adobe Flash software

Forgot your Password and/or Username
Your Account Password and Username are created by you. You may try to retrieve your Password by clicking on the Forgot Details link in the Login Screen. You will be asked to enter your Email (please make sure to write in the Email address you registered with when you opened your account). An Email will be sent to you with a secure link to reset your Password.

If you forgot your Username, you may try to retrieve your Username by clicking on the Forgot Details link in the Login Screen and then Forgot Username link. You will be asked to enter your Email (please make sure to write in the Email address you registered with when you opened your account). An Email will be sent to you with your Username.

If you forgot your registered email, please send an email to with the following details for verification: Your first and last name, billing address in full, including street name, city, state, zip code, country, and your payment method including authentication of such payment method.
All details should match the details given when you opened your account.

Error message "Username and Password not found"
Most likely you are attempting to login to CasinoLuck with the wrong Username and/or Password. Please read the "Forgot your Password and/or Username" Section.

Disconnection while playing
Unfortunately, communication problems over the Internet may cause sudden disconnections. We have designed our Interactive System to cope with such incidents in a manner that protects our Players from unjustifiable loss.

CasinoLuck's Disconnection Policy is as follows: Any card purchased by a Player, but not used by such Player for any reason whatsoever, including technical failure, will be played automatically by the Interactive System on behalf of such Player. The outcome of the Play will be updated automatically into the Player's balance. When logging in following the disconnection the Player will see the outcome of the relevant Card by clicking on the "Game History" button.

System requirements for your computer
Presently, CasinoLuck's Website performs with Microsoft Windows Operating Systems Version 95 and above; Flash version 9 or above. CasinoLuck does not support Windows 3.XX or Web TV. For optimal results, set your monitor to 600 X 800 pixels and high color (16 bit) or more.

Cookies need to be enabled
You will need to enable cookies to view this webpage. We do not use cookies to store your personal information. However, we do use session-cookies to keep track of your login state (as a security precaution and to protect your privacy, if you have not performed a session activity within a couple of minutes you will be logged out).
If you are unsure how to enable cookies please click here

About Adobe Flash software
The CasinoLuck Team wants you to have a wonderful online game experience and has therefore chosen Adobe Flash software as the best software for our Players. The Adobe Flash Player is installed on 97% of Internet-enabled desktops worldwide.
Click Here to install Adobe Flash

For more information about Flash go to: Adobe Flash Player Download Center.




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